Brian Wright

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I have a background in teaching English (ES).  The moment when you help someone experience the joy of understanding is magical. When I started my IT career, I worked at a helpdesk.  Helping people conquer their problems daily fulfilled my passion for teaching and problem solving.  The helpdesk was also a perfect venue for me to connect with people and hear their stories.

I love working in security awareness.  I get to share a skill that people need.  When I understand the challenges of a person who is susceptible phishing, I can connect with them to develop strategies to avoid cyberthreats.  Stories and a personal connection are great tools to teach cyber hygiene.  By teaching people about cyber hygiene at work, I help employees protect their friends, family and communities.   

My goal for the security awareness program at CommScope is for it to be a benefit of working here.  I would like to be a resource where employees come to ask questions about how to protect their kids online.  I’d love for managers to invite me to do training sessions for their team or department. 

One of the best things about security awareness is the practitioners.  They are often people that have a passion for sharing and creativity.  They have a drive to help others be successful, and I'm excited to be part of the community.